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Software Development & Associated Activities

Chris Has Relationships With Lots Of Computer Technology Buzzwords

Chris has developed software in a variety of languages (C, C++, Python, Ruby, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, SQLite, MS SQL Server, Perl, the dreaded VBScript, Prolog, and more) running under several operating systems (including MS Windows, Linux, OpenBSD, some other UNIX variants including Apple’s OS X) and using other operating environments and toolkits (Web servers including Apache and IIS; other tools including HTML & CSS. Oh wait, there’s even more buzzwords here! That happens when you keep doing stuff.

Some Things Chris Has Done

Chris has investigated customer & user needs, designed, written, and debugged software including web apps / interactive websites, written automated test suites that made some difficult debugging possible and development safer, written & edited manuals, practiced SEO successfully, done ad hoc press relations work, written & edited specs, provided some tech support for software products including acting as de facto part-time ‘sales engineer’ for at least one software product, and conceived & implemented novel ideas for new types of software. And some other stuff.

A Few Of the Many Things Chris Has Made

  • Python source code obfuscators: (example 1) (example 2)
  • License management and copy protection systems for digital files, CDs, and DVDs (built on combinations of Windows and open-source technology with Linux/BSD, C++, Python, SQL)
  • PawSense (software for Windows)
  • University of Books (interactive website / web app built on open-source technology)

For a few more, see Multi-Portfolio / Examples.

Humor for Select Audiences

A few web designers will get these jokes.


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