Chris Niswander's Somewhat Minimal Website

About This Website

To create this website, I used

  • ERb aka erb aka Embedded Ruby aka eRuby…
    Why does this tool have so many names? Here I use it as a web page template language.
  • nanoc, a programmable generator of static websites.
    I generated earlier versions of the website with Webby, but nanoc is getting more development (maintenance & enhancements) nowadays.
  • Ruby.
    Useful for configuring and extending nanoc…also for millions of other things.
  • Textile/RedCloth, a markup language used to generate HTML.
  • CSS, the basis of the responsive yet super-quick-to-download design used for most of this website, excepting a couple of pages about SQL that include code listings and wide charts. (Try resizing your browser window, looking at this site using different devices, browsers, and emulators, etc. Whee!)
  • Text editors. :-)
  • Genuine 100% natural electrons.1

1 Electrons created artificially in particle colliders such as the LHC may be present within this website in insignificant quantities (less than 0.0000000000001%.)


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